Frequently Asked Questions

What is EuChemS and who is a member of EuChemS

EuChemS is the European Chemical Society. It has many member societies such as the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH). If you are a member of any of EuChemS member societies, you are also a member of EuChemS and hence qualify for a discount. If you buy a ticket with the EuChemS discount, please bring a valid proof of your membership in any of EuChemS' member societies.

Who qualifies for a student discount

Anyone that is currently matriculated in an university in Austria or abroad, including PhD students. Please bring your student ID or other valid proof of matriculation together with your ID to the conference, if you book a ticket with a student discount.

Where can I find all deadlines at a glance?

We have gathered all important dates in a table here

Where is the conference?

In Salzburg, Austria. You can find the detailled information here

Do I get my money back, if I get sick and cannot attend?

Yes, if you can prove a valid health-related or other personal reason. Please contact us with the form below.

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