Efficient Data Processing with the OriginPro Software

The OriginPro software is an extremely valuable tool for scientists to professionally analyze and present their data. The seminar covers the entire process from reading the raw data through the built-in graphics and analysis functions to the automated reporting of the results in a PDF file. The workshop will be a stimulating mix of interactive presentations, individual exercises, and small group sessions. In this workshop, you will find out how to:

  • Write your own import routine and save it as an ImportFilter
  • Discover the Function Library and expand it with your own routines
  • Understand the Layer Technique and create your own Templates for later use
  • Recognize the difference between Template and Design and increase your efficiency
  • Build a powerful Analysis Template and use it for Batch Processing
  • Automate the entire Evaluation Process without having to program a line

Participants will be provided with a license OriginPro 2024 (1 month term) including download, installation and licensing instructions approximately 1 week before the workshop.

markus höhnen

The trainer: In his diploma thesis in 1995, Markus Höhnen was given the task of “programming an evaluation software for the automated data evaluation of the engine and exhaust gas test benches of an engine manufacturer”. On this way, Markus Höhnen got to know and appreciate the OriginPro software and the manufacturer behind the Software. After working in the automotive industry for a few years, Markus Höhnen moved to ADDITIVE in 2000 and looked after sales and training customers in different industries. Mr. Höhnen primarily is responsible for customers in Austria and Switzerland. His empathy in dealing with customers as well as his competent on-site support are highly valued by the customers.

Scientific Writing and Publishing

Unfortunately, the trainer had to cancel the workshop due to personal reasons.

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